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Message Subject Homeland Security Raided our town
Poster Handle The_Mhael
Post Content
We have no chance.
 Quoting: HJTRAS

Maybe we do have a chance, but guns are not what will make that difference.

What will make a difference?

Number ONE thing is to avoid crime. All crime. Every sort of crime. Don't give anyone the slightest excuse to bust you for the least thing. Don't whine about injustice if you thumb your nose at the law.

Number TWO is to stay connected to your community. That can work as a team defense, or it can give you an escape route. I don't mean an alternative community, but a visible and above-the-board community like a church or country club. Be active and visible.

Number THREE is to have an alarm. Make sure that if anything happens to you, someone will know about it immediately and get you a lawyer, a news crew, or anything out there to babysit the cops.

I have a suspicion that if the man in the original post had done those things, he would have fared better.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 13825301

Good point, but not totally accurate. See, if the government wants to harass you, they will simply MAKE up a bogus charge.

While being law abiding will keep you off of the authorities radar, it doesn't guarantee anything. If they decide you have an awesome piece of land, or large amounts of gold, or a nice gun collection, and they want it, be prepared to be charged with something.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27671626

 Quoting: HJTRAS

This is indeed the reality we live in.
Sounds like something straight out of sci-fi if you write it all out and start piecing it together.
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