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Message Subject Homeland Security Raided our town
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
the number one rule is NEVER go on the internet. The internet is just here to see what you are thinking.

Even the anti-spam captcha tests, are not about spam, they are actually rohrshack intelligence tests. They want to know how smart you are, and thus how dangerous you might be.
You may have noticed Yahoo just constantly gives you the captcha tests now, all the time, no matter what you enter.

They are trying to see how smart you are, if you are too smart, they will be watching you.

If you ever took the IQ tests in high school, it was just a bunch of consecutive boxes, and you figure out the pattern. The captcha tests are the same thing, IQ tests.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28673702

yeah but here we are and who knows what powers we have with our words, spilling over into each others cups and supporting networks and pathways unseen and unbreakable.

Thank you, ironically, your statement is the most amazing thing I have ever read (on the internet).

this thread is bs i have a feeling.

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