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Message Subject Homeland Security Raided our town
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
what will ultimately happen (in my humble opinion), is scenerios JUST like THIS stated. While saying stay under the radar (don't commit STUPID ASS CRIMES like pirating films or cd's, which gives the government complete excuse to act thusly)(and yes this was a show for everyone, to warn you we are now just short of a police state, and please spread it around on the internet because we want citizans scared and humbled), they have been and are currently working on making laws via Obama's executive orders that will make every citizan of this country a criminal in the eyes of the government.

thusly, giving excuse for raids on anyone's house/apartment and taking what they want from you.

you think they wouldn't dig up the 'don't horde food' laws to come into your house and take guns and food from you?

you think they wouldn't use an internet statement you have made in the past (example: get rid of the Pres, get rid of the congress etc) to title you as a possible terrorist or danger to community or danger to self, to raid your house and take what you have and put you in handcuffs.

maybe a lawyer could get you out, but damage was done, guns confiscated, neighbors marginalized and afraid, your family damaged, furious, scared whatever...

you don't think they will start doing this everywhere? They have four years now to start doing this. Watch for it, it'll be happening in every state. I encourage you to watch your local news. Not only will private citizans who are a threat to their despotism will be targeted, but business's that encourage constitituionalism in community activites.

Internet will be corraled, and owned. You will pay taxes to get on it, to buy and sell on it, and it will no longer be free exchange of ideea's. They will have you and what you say on log and you will be on the books, for possible rousing and invading.

Our money and banking systems, all will be on-line, debit cards will be the way of the future. Money is dirty and you can't follow it, they can't have that.

Guns, oh they'll go after them, and many will succumb to giving them over, either for food, to alievate some kind of debt, or to show some kind of alligiance to the ever growing invading spirit of communal government. The margins will be widened, you'll be one of a few who keeps their guns, and if you have papers with your township about ownership, they have you in their sights.

Starve the nation, people will do anything not to starve.
Drug the nation, people will do anything to have their drugs legal or illegal.

Make as many people dependent on government dole, being done dailey, as business's close because of government interference with fair and equal trade laws, Obamacare that no one can afford, and less then 30 day work weeks, more and more people will need the government cheese (literallY) to live on. Who is going to fight against the hand that feeds your babies and dear grandmama?

Home land security, the non military armed force that Obama promised. The new homeland force that you sell your soul to be part of.

Yes I happen to be Christian, I happen to believe this is the end times, and I happen to believe Christians and churches will be victimized, brutalized, demoralized, and inprisoned near the end. While Islam is upheld, glorified and honored, Christianity and its followers will be called evil, haters and the enemy.

People will kill us, and think they are doing their country a favor.

It's coming.

Now your God.
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