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Message Subject Homeland Security Raided our town
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
He was pirating copies of movies and reselling them. That's not the half of it.

Spies sometimes encrypt messages behind digital engravings of movies, just like they do with photos on the internet. He could have been passing valuable military secrets to an enemy of the US government.

Don't take your veterans at face value. They don't even trust one another, why would you believe the military is altruistic?

He might have been sitting around VHS tapes but hosting more trouble, maybe having a secret boarder, a fugitive, recording illegal content disguised as regular movies. Why do people think old men are feeble? Too many veterans I've seen taking advantage of their own systems, turning into welfare soldiers. I have sympathy for their hard work, but not for the outlaws who still want honors when they left their honor behind somewhere.

All the times I have seen DHS actually going after these guys, they are the one that has the passport to more state secrets, and they sell a few or give a few away as their pocket sees fit. Or they are completely phony, and the real veteran is having his ID taken somewhere.
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