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Message Subject Homeland Security Raided our town
Post Content
no one gets that until you have the ak pointed in your face then what. WE ARE FUCKED
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7074288

No US military or police departments use AK's. You are stupid.
 Quoting: HJTRAS

must be stupid on a technicality as much as 95% of our country. dude your a idiot that IT was not an AK in your face SO WHAT stupid who THE FUCK CARES. WHAT AUTO WAS THEN EXPERT AND THE AGAIN WHO THE FUCK CARERS. iT WAS IN YOUR FACE.

Sorry, had to comment on this particular post, what could this joker possibly be talking about? AK's have hardly any aim-accuracy.....power? Yes, but our Gov't rules when it comes to artillery...we use ONLY the BEST.

This poster is dillusional....
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