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Message Subject Homeland Security Raided our town
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I just need to put this in context, sorry if I over step the boundaries of redundancy. So lets look at this in perspective as to what it is. An old man handicapped veteran. His property was converged on by Homeland security, FBI, NYSP Swat. Included helicopter and assault vehicles, Automatic weapons and our town was sent into a scared frenzy. No news crew, they say nothing can't comment. No comment is the response. But I know the truth. Handicapped man sitting on a gas gold mine . Retired vet vulnerable easily influenced because no children only one brother no other family. They raided his home trashed it. Took all dvd's cd'd VHS and computer. Threatened him By saying he will lose all military retirement,jail time and a 10k fine. They also confiscated guns from hunters on his property by pointing automatic weapons at them and disarming . Scared the town silly like red dawn. This is the USA today, Will it happen to you, how will that feel you downloaded jumanji and shared it that's what they are saying for this siege on our community, It is because he pirated movies. That could be you. Wow that is just a horrible turn of constitutional Failure. The government will go after you if they have a motive. Look around your home could this be you ask you friends Your dad your mother your brother
today could be they day homeland security takes it all away. They have ultimate authority and if you have something they want they will take it.
 Quoting: HJTRAS

I am not saying this as a slight on Americans because the same applies to Canadians and to me.

That happened because you, him, we, all of us allowed it to. We allowed them to become what they are. We either don't care, too involved with other matters, or think that someone will fix things right for us.

It is over. They won. We lost. Fight or die is now your only choice!
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