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Future I-555 - Highway to hell?

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11/30/2012 10:17 PM
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Future I-555 - Highway to hell?
Just took a trip to Mississippi from Missouri along the New Madrid Seismic Zone, if you will. Just North of Memphis were signs posted "Future 555." Since there is already an existing I-55, I decided to look up the meaning of 555. Other posts on GLP refer to both the Navy map of submerged portions of the United States, and of course the Edgar Cayce map that shows the area covered by I-55 will be underwater when TSHTF.

Anyway, here is what I found about "555"

Adolf Hitler's party number was 555. He joined in September of 1919. Or 91919.

The 555 is a Swastika symbol as used in Holland. It appears very close to 666 as can be seen on the link. www.jetset.nl/archive/555fleuron.html . The symbol even comes with an Illuminati pyramid or triangle in the center.

The masonic memorial to George Washington at Shooter's Hill is 333 feet tall and the Washington Monument Obelisk in Washington D.C. is 555 feet or 6,660 inches tall. Allegedly 20% of the Obelisk is underground as the base which would make the total structure length above and below ground 666 feet. The figures are very widely known and do not require corroboration.

The three-legged swastika is known as a Triskelion. It is 3 fives put together.

Here is a partial list of illuminati symbolism linked to 555: [link to www.scoreboard-canada.com]