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Message Subject Amazing chemtrail video shot from Fed Ex plane
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

According to John Lear, full-sized airframes cannot be flown by remote control. And definitely not in common airspace.
 Quoting: UseLess RepEATER

wrong! wrong! wrong!

[link to www.youtube.com]

On December 1st, 1984, a remote controlled 4 engined transport jet took off from Edwards AFB, CA and crashed into a barren patch of nearby desert. This Controlled Impact Demonstration was a joint R&D program by the FAA and NASA
 Quoting: mrmuffins69

This I am familiar with. My point is: it is inconceivable that unmanned, remote-controlled, "heavy" jets are traversing our skies amidst commercial jet traffic? Furthermore, they aren't squawking so other jets aren't aware of their relative position, nor are they being advised by ATC's since their flight plans wouldn't be filed.
Don't you think there may have been some type of incident by now, mid-air collision, downed empty aircraft, etc. or is the technology already that perfected?
 Quoting: UseLess RepEATER

none of us know what really is going on, we can theorize all day on what we think is going on. maybe one day will find out what is really going on but i doubt it
 Quoting: mrmuffins69

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