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NASA Announces That Magnetic Portals Do Exist

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12/01/2012 01:00 AM
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NASA Announces That Magnetic Portals Do Exist
NASA’s report: “Observations by NASA’s THEMIS spacecraft and Europe’s Cluster probes suggest that these magnetic portals open and close dozens of times each day.

They’re typically located a few tens of thousands of kilometers from Earth where the geomagnetic field meets the onrushing solar wind.

Most portals are small and short-lived; others are yawning, vast, and sustained. Tons of energetic particles can flow through the openings, heating Earth’s upper atmosphere, sparking geomagnetic storms, and igniting bright polar auroras.”

“NASA is planning a mission called “MMS,” short for Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission, due to launch in 2014, to study the phenomenon.

Bristling with energetic particle detectors and magnetic sensors, the four spacecraft of MMS will spread out in Earth’s magnetosphere and surround the portals to observehow they work.”

Just one problem: Finding them.

Magnetic portals are invisible, unstable, and elusive.

They open and close without warning “and there are no signposts to guide us in,” notes Scudder.

Actually, there are signposts, and Scudder has found them...

[link to www.eresey.com]
They Come...Destination>Earth...Arrival>>Imminent
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 28814683
12/01/2012 02:37 AM
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Re: NASA Announces That Magnetic Portals Do Exist
If they just follow the et craft, it should be easy enough.


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