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Message Subject Your brain cannot fathom it, so you cannot see it. There is something practically Everyone has looked at but most don't see it.
Poster Handle Ralph--a house dog
Post Content
Is that like Obama unable to see what the fuck he is doing?
 Quoting: BossPickupTrucks 2530630

No. He knows. Maybe not too clearly all the time from being under the influence of various things (other than Valerie Jarrett) but he knows, and still pushes his mission of changing America from a Constitutional Republic to a dictatorship.

Ihe concept OP is talking about has been studied for a long time. Over many thousand of years, the human brain changed and was able to perceive more.

For instance, people used to not be able to see the color blue. It was there all the time but failed to register in the minds of those seeing it.

Historians used to be puzzled by references to "the wine-dark sea" in ancient Greek poetry until it became known that modern man can see blue but thousands of years ago they could not.

Scientists know there are more colors in existence than the ones we can see. Try wrapping your head around a color that is totally different from any you have ever seen. You can't.
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