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Message Subject A True story from my childhood regaurding the Myan Calender
Poster Handle duncog2012
Post Content
My Parents in the early 70's had this round gold replica of the Mayan calender hanging on their large brick fireplace . My Mother had got the Mayan replica calender as a decoration ( the whole Spanish style was really in back then ) .

I used to stare at it and wonder what it was as a young child . The face in the middle was creepy and scared me.

One day this man came over . my Dad was a rocket scientist/ engineer and worked with this guy who was a higher up one of their top scientists in the department.
( We found out later he really came over to lay off my DAD cause they were letting people go after the space program had died down. He wanted to tell him in the private comfort of his home as liked my Dad and they were friends ) .

Anyways, this scientist who worked with my Father notices the Gold Mayan calender hanging over the fireplace , he walks over to it , touches it, and says to my Mother " you know what that represents and means don't you ?!!!"
...Then says to us
( right in front of me as a little kid )
" END GAME " ! -
THAT Calender represents and marks our end ,
when our world ends DEC of 2012 "!!! -
that's our death hanging on you wall "
and then he looked down at me and said -
" you will be all grown up then so don't worry that's like 40 years from now ! "

I now believe he was one of those professor types without any comment sense .

IT upset my Mother so much after he left she picked it up , took it outside and smashed it on the new driveway . It broke into little pieces . I think she was mainly upset that he had told her 6 year old kid about the end of the world , combined with the fact he had just let my Dad go from his engineer work at Rocketdyne ( my parents had just bought a brand new home ) .

I will never get that image out of my head of her breaking that Mayan replica ! she was so angry - it really affected me.

For years what he said that day has always haunted me . I used to be afraid for many years of this year and month . terrified in fact.

I have read and studied about Dec 2012 for years .

Way I see it now is
what will happen will happen
and there is nothing more I can do about it
( yes I have prepped a little )
but ok somethings are just out of our control
and I have accepted that .

IT no longer scares me .

Dec 2012 - is here
I am at peace
 Quoting: Apocalypse Girl

In 2006 I was watching the History Channel video Doomsday 2012 about the Mayan Calender, Timewave Zero, etc. I had never heard of it before. When they showed the alignment in the sky and the crossing I had a very strange feeling come over me. It was information that came from somewhere other that my own self. I would say I had a spiritual experience. The message I got was OMG! this is true. The knowing never went away. In the beginning I was shocked and I even prepared by building an underground and prepping. When I was done with all my preparations I realized it was all so useless because what is about to occur will be monumental.

I have been studying and reading everything I can about 2012 ever since. I now believe all life is a cycle and we are all part of something so much bigger than ourselves. It is something so grand and so perfect few can see it.

I have gone through a lot of changes over the last 6 years and believe I have purged myself of most of my negativity and fear. I am ready for what ever is to happen, in fact I am looking forward to it. Nature does not waste anything and works amazingly well. We are all part of it, the Grand Design. Thanks for sharing your story.
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