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Message Subject A True story from my childhood regaurding the Myan Calender
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Great story OP.

put together the engines....

Fallbrook, Chatsworth, Stony Point..... They were all Orchards back then, Simi Valley was virtually non-existant except orchards, the freeway used to stop halfway.

Family picnics at RocketDyne were a blast.
 Quoting: Redpaw360

Thank you ! pretty cool you know about Rocket-dyne !
Oh so they did the engines? I didn't know that like I said i was very young when all this happened . I just knew that my Dad knew some very smart people and that he had to always wear this white starched shirt and tie ( after he got laid off he tossed them all out and refused to wear ties lol )

Didn't The Simi Valley division have some kind of nuclear accident ?!

yes I am pretty sure he was in Chatsworth I remember that.
And the picnics they were amazing !!!
They had fun things for the kids to do.
One time they even had pony rides
and these big wavy amusement park type slides
( like the kind they had in that 70s Bananna splits show )
you would slide down in potato sacks !

Did you ever go to those picnics AC ?
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