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David dIcke = Remember Who You Are now on youtube - your thoughts?

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12/01/2012 04:53 AM
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David dIcke = Remember Who You Are now on youtube - your thoughts?
I was just watching ... "David dIcke - "Remember Who You Are". That was the 2012 presentation he did at Wembly arean in England.

Okay I see now, I get it. I was a bit confused at first about this presentation as he reveals so much key info. But now I understand.

The reason he's allowed to do these presentations is to push his anti christian agenda. He does reveal a ton of info. Some of which is spot on. But then he tried to confuse the viewer by having them dismiss Christianity, God, and anything of that nature.

I guess what he pushes is a brand of his own secular humanism. Like what's he's saying is "now that we know the truth we can combat this great conspiracy on our own power without God's help".

That's sort of the feeling I got from this. I mean how else would he be allowed to operate, revealing all this sensitive data unless he was also pushing the anti Christian atheistic agenda that goes along with his teachings.

Anyway, What are your thoughts on all this???1dunno1

Anyway it's on youtube finally. Here's part 1. Again watch with a grain of salt as it really goes anti God Anti Christian eventually, which is so sad. But sorry dave I'm not that dumb... But his other info is pretty accurate....

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