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Message Subject Israel will start building 3000 new homes illegally...one day after Palestine UN vote
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content


Fuck off Religi-pimp...

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 2324286

I forgive you of your harsh words, why do you have so much hatred built up, may God Almighty fill your hear and soul with love.
God bless!
 Quoting: Moshe awakened 28121659

Oh just STFU, phony religitard:
Trying to be kind doesn't cover up that you got your ass kicked on this thread.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 2324286

Is that how you feel? Sorry but I'm not your enemy, you seem to be your own worst enemy with your hatred, this is not about butt kicking, you're wrong dear one. Open your eyes and know that our Lord and Savior is Jesus/Yahshua Christ, read the Books of Isaiah, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and the Book of Revelation.
The truth will set you free!
 Quoting: God is love 28121659

Calling out lies is not hatred you second rate pysop shill.
I see right through you bullshit. Do you think I am fooled by your phony words? You sound like a creakhead on the street scamming for a dollar.

You are so FAKE.

Maybe you should go back to shill school?

I love beating down phony religitard shills like you.
Have a nice day!
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