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Message Subject Anybody in real estate?
Poster Handle WalkerTalker2
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good questions. I favor agents who dont show the clients the highest priced home, but the BEST deals ( I am that kind). Its a lot of fun seeing the inventory of the hot deals out there. It changes all the time....
Usually when you find a good agent you start looking the day you prequalify for the loan. You will soon develop an idea of what you like and want.
Normally the agent gets paid a commision after you buy a house, so there is no intial fee--or charges to prequalify you or take you out to view property or write offers.
Its a lot of fun....and an emotional roller coaster ride for a lot of people, especially during the offer process and escrow. You will learn a lot, i am sure.
Dont buy the first house. Look at half a dozen if you can. Ask the agent to pull recent "comps" and aim to buy UNDER current market by 5-10% if you can. Dont get too greedy and dont be in too big a rush. If the deal is hot- make an offer- dont delay- dont sleep on too many deals- give it an offer. Keep your agent busy-show up on time to view the properties.
When you find the house you love, make a reasonble lower offer, and dont quibble too much when the seller counters at a higher price. Always , ALWAYS ask the seller to pay 2000 dollars towards closing costs, it saves you money if they agree. No matter what they say--there are not as many buyers out there now, so the sellers are motivated. FIND A BUYERS agent that will fight for a low price for you and not try to get you to hurry up (so he or she gets paid the commision). Seller pays the commision- but you enable it as you are buying the house.....Take your time, but be polite and respectful to people in the business.
'Hows that for some free advice!!??
Good luck
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