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Subject Please watch this vid. Beware: VERY INTENSE spiritual warfare within
Poster Handle Spiritual Guide
Post Content
This is one reason why the Earth is so fucked... There are VERY powerful dark magicians invoking the ugliest demons, death and Satan itself into our world... watch this vid -- it is EXTREMELY ugly, yet very, very powerful.... You can tell that the presence of Satan is EVERYWHERE in this room. Jump to 6:22 in the video to see the invocation of death/satan... you will personally witness some of the strongest spiritual warfare I have EVER seen:

"God of Death - Manifest,
God of Doom - Move and appear.
God of Death - Manifest,
Strike once more -- STELLARVORE!"

The name of the ritual is STELLARVORE by a group known as Watain. I firmly believe they are inviting dark entities into our world:

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