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Subject An honest confession
Poster Handle Pulltab
Post Content
I normally sign in as pulltab, but for some reason the interface wont let me today... no matter.

I will try to summarize quickly
Im the first in my family to go to college, blue collar hillbilly background. Irish mainly. Only two of my grandparents finished high school. I got BS, got a Masters. Got myself a crappy job at a hospital out of college for 28k, which is what most do while theyre looking for another job. Went through a few jobs. Got into some credit card debt(not so smart).

Now after 14 years, Ive jumped a few jobs to my latest one. Been here 6 years. In that 6 years I went from around 45k to just over 6 figures recently. closer to 120k if you add the bonus i just got. With all that, Im still having a hard time making ends meet but thats because i spent most of this money on preps.

My eyes have been opened in the ways of how a publicly traded company works, and let me just say im afraid to type what i know. I do know this, ive learned to blend in well enough to get along with the VP types making upwards of 250 - 400k, but i think im their worst nightmare. Im a hillbilly with an education essentially.

I dont trust them, in the past year ive spent the bulk of my increase, about 30k on bugout gear, supplies, two courses in the woods on woodland survival (i must say i could already skin rabbits and squirrels etc from my background, and can). But i have to tel you, all the other people at my level, the VPs, Directors, managers... theyre gonners. Theyre ignorant in the ways of skills in survival, and also whats going on in the world. All they think about is the next product. Something bad is coming, all the finance people know it. Nation wide. I suspect it will be more economic than FEMA camp stuff. But the masses are stupid.
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