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Message Subject An honest confession
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I feel very uncomfortable around the upper class. I can feel their paranoid vibes.

But when I'm down in city center with the crack heads and prostitutes I feel really calm and at ease.

Its weird.

Ive meet drug dealers who sell shitty coke to rich people and teenagers, but when I go over to their place (Rich people have to meet a meeting point) they bag the good shit in front of me and give me more then I paid for.

It's like money puts this invisible cage around you and paints a target on your back. And the upper class doesn't even know it.

And it doesn't stop their, mechanics take advantage of rich people, doctors lawyers. Its like living in hell. And your constantly stealing from another while being stolen from.

I like being underclass, my needs are met, I have friends I can trust with my life, smoke some weed laugh joke have a beer play some card games.

Trust. Its an amazing feeling most upperclass have never felt.
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