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Message Subject An honest confession
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Funny how the more money one makes, the more debt they accumulate. Lemme ask you something-

If we all know that being a debt slave is detrimental, and if the head of the FED (stated around three weeks ago) that people who save their money will be hit with devaluation....then... what does one do?

I am completely debt free, yet have no savings. Any thoughts?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28817438

Friend, you are exactly right.

I started at 28k ... got into hock with Discover.

Moved up to 35k , enter Mastercard and Visa

then 50k, enter a GMAC loan for a car better than what i needed.
then 70k, got more house than i needed, the whole time carrying the other det ... along with a jewelry store account carrying 3k and a banana republic account unneeded carrying 1200

now at 110k ... i woke up about a year ago

paid off the car
paid off the jewelry one with the highest %
paid off banana and dont shop there any more
paid off the VISA
paying off the MC, then going to attack the discover
simultaneously spent 30k on water refinement in my home, other preps, etc

Im not debt free, but i feel so much better heading in that direction with my eyes open
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