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Message Subject 150 employees FIRED for REFUSING FLU VACCINATION!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
They should be fired. They are health care workers and as such can not be in a position where they can pass illnesses on to the public. You can have the virus and be expelling in all over the place for a day or two before you finally realize that you are sick. A health care industry that treats a lot of people who are sick already can not afford to have their employees killing off the already weak patients.

The patients who contracted the illness from the health care workers can sue the health care company.

Legal decisions have proven that the person or company that is responsible for spreading an illness can be sued for damages.

Case in point: If you are the parent of a child and you refuse to get that child immunized against Measles, Mumps and Rubella and lie and claim that you did; and your child comes down with measles and spreads it to his or her kindergarten class and four kids who were also un-immunized come down with measles (Yes, lot of parents lie about it and fake documentation), you can be sued it the other kids die or have complications such as meningitis from the virus. In the United States the death rate for measles is one out of every thousand. The death rate in a backward country like Nigeria is 28 percent. Measles does kill.
 Quoting: Asafar Punjabi Mohmat 16674316

The only time I have ever caught the flu was when a bf came home after getting the flu shot.
People who get the flu shots may not get the flu but they carry it.So, that doesn't make working with patients any safer.
 Quoting: sunshine4mealwayz

What really happened is that you were both exposed by someone and he didn't get it becaushe had already had immunity.
You do know the vaccine is dead cells,right?
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