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Subject Revelations
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Watched a program on LINK where a "former" CIA agent was talking with a gathering of liberal democrats, progressives, and libertarians in a meeting about how the CIA was involved in setting up the war on Iraq (brought about by the false flag of 9/11), and the events in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Pakistan, which are still ongoing. This is absolute proof that the events of 9/11 were NOT carried out by Muslim's with box cutters! This is absolute proof that the current events ongoing in the ME and elsewhere in the world are being orchestrated by forces working behind the scenes. During this meeting people were coming up to a microphone and asking questions. He was asked about voting when there were no good choices to vote for, and his response was basically that when faced with a choice of the lesser of two evils vote for the lesser evil. This is not a choice and is still choosing evil! He also made some comments on how the liberal democrats like himself and others in the room represent Christ's way of thinking. This is where I turned the TV off! Christ was not a liberal humanist or humanitarian, nor did he believe in "democracy" in any form! He certainly was not a "Capitalist", as he drove out the "moneychangers" from the temple! The liberal humanists, humanitarians, democrats, the capitalist republican's, the libertarians, the green party, etc., none of them represent Christ's way of thinking!
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