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Message Subject FASTRACK to PART 4: Meta Physical World thread
Poster Handle abhie
Post Content
As Above So Below:

Everything vibrates on the Universal principles.

The golden spiral is the Fibonacci sequence that is the stamp of God.
Conchs were used in ancient India because a sea shell or conch has a golden spiral volume that can emit divine meta-physical particles.

When you create an enclosed space, the Universal energies create a mirror-copy of the cosmic energies within the enclosed space.
The Universal Space, when bounded or enclosed by a walled structure, assumes negative and positive qualities, just like the human being possessing a particle of the universal space (called inner space / inner being) does exhibit positive and negative behavior during its life time. The Vaastu Shastras attempt to calm down all negative qualities of space by arranging the built space in a scientific way. The individual or individuals living in such a well defined space experiences peace and bliss. This wards-off all illnesses attributable to Space. Hence Indian architecture is said to be therapeutic.

- Dr. V. Ganapati

When you create an enclosure the energy vibrations within the enclosure, say a house, create a mini-Universal-energy pattern within the enclosed space. This holds true even if you were to cup your palms to form an enclosed space, and is true Universally.
This is the meaning of AS ABOVE SO BELOW.
An enclosed space becomes the SUB-CONSCIOUS , while the space surrounding it, becomes the CONSCIOUS energy field.

The ancient Vedic scientists, knowing this principle, created a system of tracking these energies, studiying them, and devising techniques that essentially created a space that vibrated in harmony with the external universe.

Owing to the distressed EM areas of the SOUTH WEST, they realised that shielding any house from the negative radiations of teh SOUTH WEST while opening of the house to the NORTH EAST incomig polarized radiations would create a more harmonic vibration within the house.


Basically , if you can create harmony within an enclosed space, good things come to you, even without you asking for it.

Ancient Vedic temples did not have any God idol within. They were designed with the science of Universal harmony.
Sadly the art of building precise Vedic temples is lost today. Were you to step into an ancient Vedic temple, you would be surrounded by positive meta-physical wave vibrations.

Most ancient temples were designed with the human body and meta-physical system in mind. You will observe this trend even in Jewish temples too. Viewing the temple aerially, you would see two feet, a penis, a stomach, a neck, and the God head. The temple was laid out to vibrate with the Universal energies.

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