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Message Subject FASTRACK to PART 4: Meta Physical World thread
Poster Handle abhie
Post Content
This Mahavastu CHAKRA is an engine. Its a Meta-physical engine, a device made to vibrate in harmony with the Universe.

This engine, or Chakra, has , just like your car, has an intake valve, an exhaust valve, an engine compartment, a storage tank, et all. In fact it is similar to how you would build a car. it is very similar to how the human body is constructed.

Enclosed Space is seen as having a consciousness.
Enclosed space always has a MIRROR-IMAGE of the Cosmic energy vibrations. An enclosed spaced develops consciousness based on the layout of the space, and especially the main door into the space. This is the reason the main door location is very important. It indicates to the subconscious within the space HOW you want your consciousness on the OUTSIDE to vibrate!
The head is laid at the NORTH EAST corner. This is because there is polarized EM waves in the north east.
The groin is laid out at the south west area. This is the safe zone for the exhaust system.

This is how Vedic science depicts the CONSCIOUSNESS within an enclosed space, the mini Universe within the macro universe.
The small SO BELOW within the AS ABOVE.

Note the head to NE, the Buttocks to the SW.
This is how you need to divide an enclosed space like a house.
Different functions need to be allocated a particular position based on the diagram.

This system was studied exhaustively, and each area within a zone was assigned with the value of a particular Meta-physical energy vibration. In the Vedic times, each type of Meta-physical vibration energy was made out to be a GOD.
So in the mandala below , you can see a different type of GOD in each of teh nine zones. This is the origin of the multitude of HINDU GODS.
EACH "GOD" in Hinduism refers to a particular type of meta-physical vibration energy.


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