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Message Subject FASTRACK to PART 4: Meta Physical World thread
Poster Handle abhie
Post Content
Positive energies come from particular INTAKE zones.
These are the zones where the entrance door need to be located.

Locating the main doorway into your house in the wrong zone will lead to dis-harmonious energy flow within the house.
Do not have MAIN DOORS in any other zoneS.
If you DO have a main door in a negative zone,other than that mentioned below, use the color code on the chakra to get back to vibrating harmoniously. Yes, colors have a lot of influence. Paint the walls of your house with the appropriate zonal color. In the North you would be painting blue. ANY shade of blue or aqua would do. In the East and SE, you would be painting RED. Avoid blue here as it will disrupt the harmony of the vibrations. In the SOUTH, RED, and SOUTH WEST, YELLOW . In the WEST , paint WHITE .
More on this in the main Part 4 thread.
You can use multiple shades of the main color, and accesorize your furniture to match the particular color of the zone. If you can't paint or change the colors, put some colored lights on the wall. Blue light for the N and NE. Red light for the S and SE, etc.

The positive intake valves are given below. Intake valve refers to your main door into your enclosed space, your house:

N3 N4

E3 E4

S3 S4

W3 W4

Here , N4 N5 is true NORTH
E4 E5 is true EAST
S4 S5 is true SOUTH
W4 W5 is true WEST

Check out the Mahavastu image ;
[link to www.mahavastu.com]



Take your house plan.
Square off the plan into a rectangle. Ideally the rectangle should be of the Golden Mean proportions, or the Golden Rectangle.

Lay the Vastu chakra posted above, onto the squared off house plan. The centres should match.

Here's how you square off your house layout, and superimpose the chakra onto it:



Different zone have different vibration energies according to the location in the circlur chakra.

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