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Message Subject FASTRACK to PART 4: Meta Physical World thread
Poster Handle abhie
Post Content
This should do for a fastrack.

A word about the MACRO VASTU.
This is the lay of the land SURROUNDING your house.
Macro vaatu is important if you have serious differences in elevations, or the presence of a big body of water nearby.
But the final say or emphasis should lie in what you can control: how you build the living enclosed space - the house.

Bad energy flows in from the SOUTH WEST.
You need to block these negative energies.
Shield your house by building a thick and heavy wall in this zone. The key words for SW is HEAVY and THICK.
No windows here.

The land should be higher in the SOUTH, as this BLOCKS the negative radiation from the SOUTH WEST.
The land should slope downward to the NORTH EAST to recieve positive EM waves.
All entrances should be located in the positive zones mentioned above.


For more info , check into the main thread.
Thread: Metaphysical-World -( Part 4 ): Living in Harmony With the Universe by Mirroring / Manifesting Bliss / As Above So Below

More info on Mahavastu:
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