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Message Subject FASTRACK to PART 4: Meta Physical World thread
Poster Handle abhie
Post Content
Thanks so much for that Abhie.

My partner and I are building a 5 acre garden on a sandstone conglomerate bluff overlooking the ocean. The entire layout of the garden site is a direct reflection of the system you have laid out. Even the pond was dug in the north east corner. All of the suggested land contours of this system are reflected in the land and water flows. We have always felt that the property itself resonates and flows beautifully. Given that we will be living in a 3/4 geodesic dome/greenhouse on the property, further developing this insight into the living space should prove very beneficial. Have always felt that the entire bluff resonated as it's own complete chakra system; now I better understand it's functioning and use. Thanks again for this very useful tool.
 Quoting: kapala mandala 25993949

Its very rare that one finds a location with all the elements being present. Given the land rates today, one takes what one gets. In your case, Im very happy that you found such a beautiful place.
This thread is just a short fastrack version of the original thread. There is more coming in that thread that will explain in some detail the finer aspects of the inner-space dynamics.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions please message me, or post your queries here. Be glad to assist you.
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