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Message Subject Challenge Question of the Week
Poster Handle BOWMAN
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Father Lord God All Powerful, and my brother Jesus Christ.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28709988

Christianity (from the Ancient Greek: Christianos and the Latin suffix -itas) is a monotheistic and Abrahamic religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus as presented in canonical gospels and other New Testament writings. It also considers the Hebrew Bible, which is known as the Old Testament, to be canonical. Adherents of the Christian faith are known as Christians.

The mainstream Christian belief is that Jesus is the Son of God, fully divine and fully human and the savior of humanity. Because of this, Christians commonly refer to Jesus as Christ or Messiah. Jesus' ministry, sacrificial death, and subsequent resurrection are often referred to as the Gospel, meaning "Good News" (from the Greek: euangélion). In short, the Gospel is news of God the Father's eternal victory over evil, and the promise of salvation and eternal life for all people, through divine grace.
 Quoting: Wikipedia

Most popular answer on the board.

Understandings of Christianity range from the overly simplistic and dogmatic to much more deeper and interconnected realizations that tie into other fields of study and belief systems. I think the main division though within Christianity, which has sects that range a spectrum of conservatism and liberalism, is in the approach people take as far as Jesus is concerned. Was he looking for your worship OR was he trying to teach you something?

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