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Message Subject Challenge Question of the Week
Poster Handle K.Kool
Post Content

Jesus came to teach, though not only that..
I don't think teaching deserves worship,
it is not for that I worship..
how could I not worship a god who came to the planet, to suffer an agonizing death, so that we could live for eternity?

hi Bowman
 Quoting: K.Kool

Happy Saturday KK. hugs

I was never a Catholic KK, as my Christian experiences were always on the Protestant side, although we slid around a bit within it between JW's and the Born Again crowd.

I did date a Catholic girl once though. : )

Going to a Catholic service was a very intimidating experience for me because of all the ritual that was used and because I wasn't use to it I guess I felt a bit out of place. It had a very rigid feel to it to me.

It was a great surprise to me to learn later on in life just how involved the Catholics were in forming modern education and their involvement in the sciences, especially astronomy. But that part of it doesn't seem to get much publicity until very recently.

I have to admit KK that I have a lot of trouble dealing with forms of spiritual hierarchy. It comes down more to what I can genuinely respect or not. And I CAN respect Jesus' teachings, very much so. I wonder a lot about Jesus the man, and what his personality was really like.

 Quoting: BOWMAN

It was strange to me too, the form of the Mass, handed down for so many centuries, I grew up with no church, and only became a Catholic at 23.
Now that I understand the meanings behind the rituals, and have a history with them, they have become somewhat precious to me.
I don't think a hierarchy exists in a purely spiritual sense, but for a religion, it ties in the human world with the spiritual, and is necessary for organization and order.
Doesn't give anyone a priority to God, though.

I've always loved the fact that the Church won't compromise on the truth, won't be politically correct or go with the times in order to be popular or get more members.
She just is, resplendent through time, the bride of Christ.

I hadn't darkened the door of the church for a very long time, until fairly recently, and so I have a new found appreciation of her role in my life, and feel like I've come home.

Hmmm, the personality of Jesus, from his words, I can tell he was brilliant, from his actions, I'd say he was courageous and loving, but I know you want the juicy little details, lol.

Happy Saturday to you too!
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