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The best kind has the "Mother" in it still. It contains all the vitamins and minerals. I take it daily as well as coconut oil and molasses. I feel so much more energy sometimes even immediately after drinking acv. The longer you stick it out with all of the them and the more consistent you are the more they pay off. :-)
 Quoting: Obsidian_Orchid

This. I bought some from Heinz (they now have one with the mother) but also have Bragg's which looks to be a better quality. Unfortunately my stomach doesn't react too well, but occasionally will drink it with water, a drop of sweetener, and apple pie spice.
 Quoting: Laura Bow

I didn't know Heinz has started making one with the mother in it. I have Braggs but I saw Trader Joes had one with the mother as well and it was cheaper by a few bucks but I have yet to try it I still have a lot of the Braggs left.

I've read an ever increasing amount of people have a yeast overgrowth. I started out getting an upset stomach too but was so determined to stick it out I kept it up anyways and now I never experience any side effects. Craving bread, pizza,and starchy foods all the time is a symptom I experienced. I've also wondered about Celiac disease from gluten.It could be a detox effect maybe? .
 Quoting: Obsidian_Orchid

Yes Heinz just recently started! It's not as good as Bragg's BUT...at least you can buy it at Walmart lol.

I have been doing coconut oil, like you, and that is definitely good for yeast overgrowth as well. At first, when I switched to Nutiva from a cheapie brand...WOW, I was so sick from the detox even though I was taking the same dose, the cheapie stuff was not as good I guess. Do you have celiac disease?
 Quoting: Laura Bow

I'm pretty sure I do have it. I have a ton of the symptoms I haven't taken a test to confirm yet though. I do know if I eat the wrong things I feel pretty awful for a couple days. It's unfortunate because it's a lot of the food that I actually really like especially pizza but I try really hard to stay away or I wind up with joint pain, headaches, extreme fatigue etc
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