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Poster Handle Laura Bow
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This. I bought some from Heinz (they now have one with the mother) but also have Bragg's which looks to be a better quality. Unfortunately my stomach doesn't react too well, but occasionally will drink it with water, a drop of sweetener, and apple pie spice.
 Quoting: Laura Bow

I didn't know Heinz has started making one with the mother in it. I have Braggs but I saw Trader Joes had one with the mother as well and it was cheaper by a few bucks but I have yet to try it I still have a lot of the Braggs left.

I've read an ever increasing amount of people have a yeast overgrowth. I started out getting an upset stomach too but was so determined to stick it out I kept it up anyways and now I never experience any side effects. Craving bread, pizza,and starchy foods all the time is a symptom I experienced. I've also wondered about Celiac disease from gluten.It could be a detox effect maybe? .
 Quoting: Obsidian_Orchid

Yes Heinz just recently started! It's not as good as Bragg's BUT...at least you can buy it at Walmart lol.

I have been doing coconut oil, like you, and that is definitely good for yeast overgrowth as well. At first, when I switched to Nutiva from a cheapie brand...WOW, I was so sick from the detox even though I was taking the same dose, the cheapie stuff was not as good I guess. Do you have celiac disease?
 Quoting: Laura Bow

I'm pretty sure I do have it. I have a ton of the symptoms I haven't taken a test to confirm yet though. I do know if I eat the wrong things I feel pretty awful for a couple days. It's unfortunate because it's a lot of the food that I actually really like especially pizza but I try really hard to stay away or I wind up with joint pain, headaches, extreme fatigue etc
 Quoting: Obsidian_Orchid

Do you get tummy issues when you eat things or is it moreso the joint pain, headache, etc.? Hmmm, it could it be you may just be suited to a lower carb lifestyle? I low carb and if I go off-plan, depending on how much I eat, I may have the same symptoms the next day if I overindulge a bit too much lol.
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