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Subject Today is the 1st of December,National Day of Romania
Poster Handle Lucian Apollo Zalmoxe Lumina
Post Content
And 20 more days until the end of the Mayan Calendar on 21st of December 2012

In the past 14 years I understood many things about the world,while leading my country

And now after 13 years and 13 months I have reached the last 13 days of my Divine Mandate

Some people are saying that I am losing myself towards the end

But I have remained true to myself and my country despite the fact that I was ignored most of the times

Our tradition says that after serving his country without being paid for 13 years and 13 months,in the last 13 days the decisions of the Praetor cannot be questioned

Obviously women do not have these rights


Well, you shall discover these things by yourself when the times come

So it is a great responsability ti have Absolute Power in Atlantis even for 13 days

Napoleon said

-In one hour,I can win a battle;in one day the fate of a country can be decided and in one week Europe may find a new leader for herself

So I shall make no Judgement upon the Fate of the membership of Romania in NATO and EU

I shall let my sister Artemis together with the Romanian People to make Judgements upon these issues

However I shall tell you that

It is my Wish to see this Milky Way Galaxy ,also named Alpha3M4 by Atlantis

to be colonized by Atlanteans and by Lemurians

I wish to see our Flying Saucers flying and all Secrets Unveiled

for the Greater Glory of the White Race and all the People and Species of this Gaia Planet called Earth

I declare Phase II Initialized

If the Need arises,we shall vote with Europe against China and Asia

we shall not let Russians and Chinese to conquer Europe

but we shall Protect them with all our Might of the World's Only True Superpower

Let me show you this superpower

Let us show them our flying saucers,plasma tanks,gravitic generators,cloaking devices,Jump Drives,Hyper Drives,multidimensional access,holographic cubes able to hold 10 TB of data and much more

Let us show Atlantis to this World and embrace heir Hearts with our Love

Doctor in the Atlantean/Mayan Calendar
Doctor in Atlantis
Doctor in Flying Saucers
Doctor in Uncreated God
Doctor in Light
Doctor in Consciousness
Doctor in Spirit
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