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Subject HOW does the human brain work?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
So I am sure everyone hears that the human brain works with small eletrical signals...

But think about it in a literal sense, your brain is mush.

It doesn't have any processors, it doesn't have chips like in a computer, it doesn't have transistors, it's just mush in your head.

And yet it is "smarter" than anything that we know of. (heh, we know of anything using the brain)

So how does your brain hold information?

It is mind boggling, literally.

I think it might have something to do with "quantum mechanics", I do not believe your brain could work in simple ways, it is just too crazy.

Think of an ant, their brain is either non existent or the size of a pinhead and yet they have complicated methods of building, finding food, following each other, reproductions, defense of their home... same with bees, termites, etc.

It is just astounding how little we know, even with so many ways of learning.

hf God is truly amazing!
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