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Experts Call For Mental Illness Screening In Children

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12/01/2012 10:29 AM
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Experts Call For Mental Illness Screening In Children
GLP has banned the mainstream source of the article I'm reading from owing to threat of copyright infringement. It rhymes with "Oyters." You're on your own if you care to research the article. And if anyone knows of a responsible way to post the content of the article responsibly, I'd welcome the help.

This is what I infer from the article: "Mr. and Mrs. Jones, we regret to inform you that your 3-year old has been diagnosed with a disposition to depression and mental illness. We're pleased to inform you that we're here to help. We have a program designed specifically to help your child overcome this predisposition and fulfill his/her role as a healthy, responsible, productive member of society in the future. And thank you for the addition to our genetic database. For the greater good, of course."

To their credit, scientists, doctors, and politicians in the UK never miss an opportunity to popularize developments in social engineering and eugenics. Seriously, someone offer a positive spin on this.