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Message Subject Ground breaking news alert - Pole Shift
Poster Handle ehecatl
Post Content
IMO he's sort of half right, and I applaud him from trying to do some personal triangulation measurements from some rather nearby points in the Netherlands.

It's good he showed details how he did that because that part of his method is prone to inaccuracy by not having compass readings farther apart in Europe, for instance.

The data I have seen has shown that the north pole has not followed a straight line in the last several hundred years but rather some large loopy forms.

He is correct from what I gather about the exponential increase in magnetic pole drift though, the part of his argument that matters, and there might even be a coverup (or simply a lack of citizen interest) like there is in many other areas of science these days, so more efforts at direct measurement are a good thing. But current changes of the north pole should be very evident to people in Siberia and Alaska as measured in degrees on a compass.

There was the mispronunciation of words and some other amateurish details, but at least that reflected honesty and good heart, and an A for effort and the concern.

I don't know about the 12/21 date tying into this specifically though. We will see soon enough.
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