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Message Subject Ground breaking news alert - Pole Shift
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
David Susuki and Machio Macku both did documentaries this year about Pole Shifts. As soon as I watched them I knew they were hints for people to beware. The science behind them was cutting edge and up to date. They said it was not IF but WHEN. Ever since I viewed them I have been getting prepped. Found the Poleshifting Ning site and used their safe places map to check my location. I was good thank God and high on a mountain top.

The evidence for a Pole Shift is compelling. The signs are everywhere. You would have to be deaf. dumb. and blind not to get it. Were there on the edge right now and I think it will be sooner than later.

The mayans saw the trigger for the event along time ago. So did alot of other civilizations. its all merging together at this time in history. Good luck to all of you.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8035454

If Suzuki is talking about it & putting out the warning, then we can take it to the bank. Do you have a link for the pole shifting site. I tried poleshifting.com but no good.
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