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Message Subject Typhoon Bopha (Pablo) Catagory 5 Super Typhoon Heading for the Philippines
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Greetings All.

I am Boro and I live in NE Mindanao, Philippines. I am an American Expat moved here 6 years ago.

According to all the Satellite data. Our house here is going to get a direct hit. It looks like the eye will come right over us.

I am about 60km inland with a 1000ft mountain between us and the coast. While this will offer some relief from direct winds, it will likely compound flooding.

I will stay online for as long as I can, I am a IT guy so I have backup power and several internet connections. Although I expect all three internet providers to drop out once the wind gets a movin.

Right now the sky's are very dark with foreboding clouds. It is quite warm and humid, and the air is dead still. No wind at all.

The gov has put our area on alert status 3 (the Highest) and when I drove through town I noticed our three firetrucks and 2 police cars were roaming the area (very small town here)

I don't expect our grid to last once it hits, I expect many homes (actually they are huts) will likely get lost.

Right now the news is saying the fun should begin later tonight (3 to 4 hour from now).

Will keep you updated once the action begins if I am able.

It is 6pm our time as of this post.

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