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Message Subject illuminati job offer
Poster Handle IssueX
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If the illuminati approached you and offered you a place in there ranks/organisation would you accept? if not why?
 Quoting: MR ANDERSON 13746111

which illuminati?

there are over 3 groups, each of which call themselves the illumined ones, lol

In 2002 I was approached in the UK by an older man who said he was with the Rudolf Steiner institute and asked if I wanted to work with them, given what was about to unfold

I actually thought about it, because I admire Steiner's writings and felt he was a good soul

but what did I know about this gentleman's group? How do I know they are what they said they are? How could I assure myself they didn't just happen to know what I admired and using that as a way to rope me into something I would later regret, adding my spiritual energy to a cause I might actually despise

As the Christians say, you have to test the spirits, as my attorney would say: trust but verify

Nope, you're better off unaffiliated right now...too much smoke, too many mirrors, too many scammers trying to get more energy on their side

and here's the hint...if they think there are sides, if they truly believe they are superior beings "helping" guide lower life forms in secret...they probably aren't

the real higher beings don't get involved and want very little to do with our kindergarten planet...they especially do not want to get involved with our power structures

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