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Message Subject illuminati job offer
Poster Handle He Is Risen Indeed
Post Content
I don't know enough about them to even consider it. I've heard lots but I've heard conflicting rumors and so I can't even form an opinion. I do need a job but no, I can't say I'd accept unless I knew what I was getting into. Plus, I'm a Christian, no matter what, so if they were Satanical no deal. Also, I was once a Rainbow girl and I didn't like it so after 3 months I quit because I'm a Christian and this seemed at odds with it. If you are anything like them forget it. I am very much in support of liberty; much of my life has been spent enslaved by those who didn't understand that the liberty to be good, be a student and be at peace are what makes me tick. My keepers (parents, teachers, employers) continually have always decided I had to be better than I already was and set the bar higher for me than for anyone else and they succeeded in taking my very happy, hardworking, and motivated to learn new things self and made me unhappy, frustrated, bullied, punished for no reason, basically enslaved. So now I'm pretty much a talented person with little ambition left because when I strive to succeed, people want to attack me and control me and manipulate me to either bring me down because they're threatened by me or force me to succeed through their vision of me to pad their nests with the feather in their cap of a protege THEY made. I'm so tired of being pushed around and I'm pretty much at the Walden stage in all of this other than trying to get people to accept God and Jesus. With the NWO coming on I feel these infringements on my liberty even more except now "they" (whoever they are) have made it so my employment history is ruined and can't find a job, put financial hardships in my path to ruin my financial well being (with the unemployment being the pinnacle of this), have attacked basically everything that ever meant anything to me. I will continue on because I always have and I'm still happy and I'm still learning. If you folks are any part of the NWO and I don't think you are, count me out. If you are part of a group that manipulates people and social structure for a desired end you are no better than the NWO's. My life currently is reduced to searching for work, collecting unemployment until it runs out (which is soon), and using the time to learn about things I wanted to know about but never had time. In some ways by taking me out of it, they've made me happier because for the first time in my life, I'm being left alone to pursue my happiness. Not easy, though, if you're broke; so, my happiness is limited to being in one place pretty much all the time. I believe in making a difference in people's lives for the better, but I don't believe in messing with other people at their expense to do it. I'm a big believer in the teach a man to fish theory about things vs. the give a man a fish. My idea of government is a protector of laws and persons and that's it. I had been self sufficient my whole life and am not thrilled being on the unemployment dole. I don't like being told 24/7 what to do and how to do it. I believe that government laws and regulations be reasonable and not overbearing, which we have passed into with this current administration in the US a long time ago. I saw last night a vet who is in finance proposed for the US's debt problem that each citizen donate $8/week for a year and each company $1 per thousand earned/week and send it to directly pay down the national debt principal. Its so simple its beautiful. These are the kinds of things I like; simple, real, positive, noninvasive. I do not want Big Brother watching me and mine. If you have faith in people doing the right things they'll do the right things. If you treat people like they're criminals or drug addicts or are unintelligent, you'll get that out of them too. You know the garbage in garbage out theory...you give people a load of garbage that's all your end result is going to be...garbage. Too bad selfish, greedy, immoral people have turned the best country in the whole world and turned it into a refuse heap. I don't really want to join because after everything I've been through I'm kind of a lone wolf about things but if you are dedicated to the kind of change I'm talking about, more power to you.
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