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Message Subject On DEC 3rd My Tomato Plant will perfectly align with my Basil Plant
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This only happens once every 3 months.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26365184

So funny!!! SO CLEVER. I bet you have an IQ that is immeasurable. I mean...that just made me fall over laughing my ass off from the sheer intellectual prowess that you just demonstrated. --OH, that is absolutely AMAZINGLY FUNNY.-

Oh...I just can't get enough. I have to copy and paste this to every person that I know to show them how incredibly WITTY you are. SO SMART!!! I bet every single person who has read this post has just fallen over breaking their sides from your quick wit and your brazenly sharp INTELLECT.

Oh...and to think of all those silly people who are waiting for the planetary alignment over the pyramids. YOU SURE SHOWED THEM!!! OH YEAH!!! ohyeah

That will make them ALL THINK TWICE about EVER recognizing a very rare Universal alignment. I mean...there's no need after you just wiped the floor with them. You're clearly smart, witty, and probably TOUGH. I bet you can fight like a wolverine. And with this post...you will have drawn attention to your superior way of thought. Everyone WILL KNOW your godlike wisdom combined with your truly immaculate sense of sarcasm. YOU ARE A GOD AMONGST ANTS.

-Feel better? Did your ego get stroked enough? Do you feel like you've made your point against people who enjoy Universal events? Do you feel like you've shown all those "idiots" what is TRULY important?

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1129812

Oh Thank You! You brought the "WHINE" to go with the spaghetti! Bravo!

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