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Message Subject Via Time Travel, Do TPTB Find Out Which People Will Be a Threat to Them in the Future...
Poster Handle Possible
Post Content
Well it is possible. I am not a great scientist but I KNOW(for myself from what i think and have seen read...thoughts the way things we have been taught and then looking outside of that for myself) time travel is totally possible. You only have to use LOGIC(and that science thing too) to see how it possible and all that science !mumbo jumbo! and science fiction has some cool indications yes? ha. It is only a matter of time before we build one(punny?)(see my next line)...

But it is possible(...do we have occult tech - possible I just do not know). Though I think I am totally safe. Not a kid anymore but I know that my life is nothing that super special or significant so the powers that be have nothing to be worried about when it comes to me at all. So I know I'm good. How about you folks?

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