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Message Subject Via Time Travel, Do TPTB Find Out Which People Will Be a Threat to Them in the Future...
Poster Handle 071676
Post Content
Do TPTB time travel and find out which people will be a threat to them in the future, and then abduct them as kids to thwart that future threat?
 Quoting: Thor's Hamster

Not very likely. There are several possible reasons why this is not a logical reason.

First off, it would not be a person that causes the PTB any headaches. None of us are John Conner. People can be so easily removed, that the thought of a mere person standing in the way is almost laughable.

It would take a thing. Not necessarily a specific something, but more like an event. A universal epiphany. A collective awakening that so startles the population because it would be so simple, and yet so lasting.

Not an economic or social epiphany, but one formed from the need to be free. The need to join in a world of separatists. A need for freedom from a world of collectiveness. A world of sanctity from a world of state sponsored debauchery. A reawakening of one's need and belief in a true GOD over the harpings of a state ordered agnostic religion.

The only thing that threatens TPTB is the fear that we will no longer have a fear of them. Fear is their only power. They would prefer us to be in constant fear of what they may do, what they may cause, what they may create against us. But fear is all they have ever held over us. Once the fear is gone, their power is gone. They know it, and that is the only real thing that they fear from us.
 Quoting: 071676

you are right. although it is also true that the concentric waves of freedom emerge from initial points of awareness in the quantum ocean.
and as is well known that is impossible to predict by observing the ocean were those quantic triggers will appear
their only choice was to try prepare as best they could using fear and diversion to postpone the initial event
and to try withstand the incoming wave when it will emerge
and as they are smart enough to observe that the wave is already emerging...
 Quoting: andreidita

It still goes back to what I have been saying. They will use anything, including the threat of unending war to regain their control over us. The biggest problem is that they are also aware that we are now more aware of them then ever before, and that scares them. What has happened for centuries no longer creates the national or emotional furor that has controlled us for so long. We no longer are controlled by the same old tired reasonings that got our grandfathers to rise up in anger against our neighbors.

They will have to form some other justification for their mongering in order to continue their control. That spark that use to be so easy to spread into a warring fire does not sell. People are tired of war. People are tired of being under someone else's rule. People are now starting to awaken from the fact that they have always been sheep, but now they are starting to grow the same teeth as the wolves. People are starting to stand up for themselves and be unafraid.
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