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Message Subject Via Time Travel, Do TPTB Find Out Which People Will Be a Threat to Them in the Future...
Poster Handle andreidita
Post Content
This is true. It is what I have been saying. The US can not reawaken the human spirit, but it can be a beacon that brings light for the world to see.

It will take more than the US to stand up against the TPTB. It will take the world. The entire world. The more people are awakened to the struggle, the more people will join. It is a natural emotion to long to be free. If the greatest country in the world, that was built upon the dream of freedom, can not be a spark for world-wide freedom, then man is cursed to forever be enslaved.
 Quoting: 071676

you have enough kindled spiritual sparks for you as a nation to achieve your part...
this is one of the things i have observed on this forum, and one of the motives for being here...
although you have a considerable opposition to overcome also...
in terms of fear mongerers...
who come in various flavors also...
and i think you know their types very well


the human spirit has already been reawakened in that upper plane where Humanity as Spirit dwells
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