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Message Subject Via Time Travel, Do TPTB Find Out Which People Will Be a Threat to Them in the Future...
Poster Handle Ralph--a house dog
Post Content
You just know they would if they could! I think some form of time travel exists but having read tons of sci-fi about paradoxes, time loops, butterfly effect and all that, it seems almost too much to wrap my head around. I need more coffee.

Then there's the question of different time lines and their possible convergences. What if a future threat was eliminated in one time line but he popped up again as a result of a merger with TPTB's original time line? It could be that is exactly happens sometimes and their efforts are thwarted.

Your question brings up the issue of what is happening to all the people, mostly children--who disappear every year? Without looking up the numbers I read not long ago, it is alarming. I find it hard to believe these are all individual random kidnappings or murders. Slave traders? Serial killers? Some, certainly. But there are just too many. I have sometime thought time travel had something to do with it.
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