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Message Subject Via Time Travel, Do TPTB Find Out Which People Will Be a Threat to Them in the Future...
Poster Handle Can Kan Qan?
Post Content
David Wilcock reports about Project Looking Glass, and the 12/21/2012 'wall of light' no one could really get past. This is the half shift in human consciousness with public disclosure of past and present crimes against humanity, where the world announces in unison that enslavement to false debt is no longer an acceptable modus operandi as per corporate driven world developing policy, and instead true humanitarian compassion based unity reflecting societal systems shall be implemented and further developed at both the high end bureaucratic and grassroots practical functioning of daily life for now and our future.

When the truth is fully revealed by the people at the top who are ready to step up into their place, and believe me when I say almost all of those people are not in government, media or the corporate world right now, the freeing of humanity's collective mental and emotional burdens (from misunderstanding and giving away their own power to create for themselves what they pay so much to have others provide instead) will result in a spiritual three days of 'darkness' where people reflect on their past, realize the higher purpose, and reconcile with higher consciousness to allow its embodiment and continued survival within an ascending planetary sphere.

There is so much to tell but it can mostly be broken down into a relatively few and short main discourses, and several secondary more detailed supporting presentations.

And the people will rejoice, realizing the full truth that in general, unless explicitly expressed otherwise, there is no corporate jurisdiction, there is no money and therefore there is no real debt, so technically we are free because the full truth is that we have more than enough to make this already amazingly abundant planet even moreso filled with life, by being its stewards, and farming its grace, and sharing that with the entire 3D-5D universe.

This planet is destined for something very special, hence why we have so much extraterrestrial and higher dimensional assistance and guidance right now, helping us all see/hear/feel/know true intentions and results if we are open and focused.

We are ready for full disclosure,
thank you God,
so be it
ohm in.

Namaste. hf
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