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Message Subject Its No Longer Free
Poster Handle Dr. Acula
Post Content
Thanks, I got the book on my Kindle. I'll look it over tonight.

As an aside--do you take Niacin? A cheep amazing vitamin (B3) that has been proven to ease depression--it is a chemical brain thing. Lots of info in you google it (Niacin, Depression)

Thanks for the book--

Everyone else----if you like the book give it a good review on amazon.
 Quoting: stillhere

i've tried Niacin before and it helps a lil i guess. I added magnesium to it as well. but Honestly the things that help me the most are in that book. I know that sounds like a sales line lol but if the book wasnt for free... I wouldnt even post it here :)

Thanks, and yeah if people give me a good rating and good review on amazon that would be so awesome!

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