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Message Subject Its No Longer Free
Poster Handle Dr. Acula
Post Content
Cheers Dr .A ,long time sufferer myself , on fluxetine atm for it but interested in dropping the meds , cos of the side effects (coff)..TYVM mate ..def give it a whirl :)

 Quoting: JAY9000

I dont wanna tell you to drop the flux cos Im not a real Doctor. lol
But i know people who cant afford meds... and I know people who take meds and could use a lil extra help.

To be honest, I would prolly take some fluxetine if i had it lol :)

But maybe the book will offer some pointers, etc... it works with me... it aint easy... but its a lot better than me allowing my depression to beat me :)

I kinda think of depression like its alcoholism and you are doing AA... you constantly gotta fight the urge!! You so wanna give in! but you know you gotta fight and keep on keeping on!

Stay thirsty friends :) lol
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