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Message Subject Its No Longer Free
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Hello to everyone, especially OP. Wanted to say something right quick... I was diagnosed bipolar II/cyclothymic and after many many different medications, I found that the best medicine was Lithium Orotate... which is a more natural way to get a good balance and much less harmful than Lithium Carbonate or the etcs... I guess the idea is that the Lithium Orotate tells your brain to start reproducing more natural "chemicals" on your own. LO can be purchased in a natural health food store for around $25. I take (about) 20mg once a day before bed and I sleep like a log so be aware... I hope this advice helps somebody... Good luck! Also, I am not a doctor, but who the hell trusts them anyways? C:
 Quoting: Seizer

I have been reading good things about LO and lithium aspartate. Might have to give it a try!
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