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Message Subject The 'Two Witnesses' vs. DNA/Biotech: A Theory Like No Other!
Poster Handle Artaius
Post Content
Resonance - Beings of Frequency.

Did you mean that movie?
I saw that. Makes total sense.
Knew that already to some point, but hadn´t connected that to Melatonin for example.

The "Pulse of the earth" / The Schumann-Frequency has raised since it has been discovered. It was at 7.83 Hz and it´s now at 12 or something, if I remember right.

There was a post pinned yesterday regarding the "Pulse of the Earth" (7.83Hz). Fascinating stuff. If the New Man is created on another planet, his Bio-Rhythms would be different. I wonder if that would make him have an advantage over us?

There's been a lot of talk regarding Mercury and ice lately. If there were Nephilim DNA in that ice... wow!

Superman from another planet... it seems so plausible nowadays.

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