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The way of the fractal focuser: Inquiries into the fourth dimension, infinity and beyond...

Fractal Focuser
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12/02/2012 04:19 PM
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The way of the fractal focuser: Inquiries into the fourth dimension, infinity and beyond...
The way of the way of the fractal focuser. Inquires into the forth dimension, infinity and beyond.

by Landon S. Larkey,

Consciousness is fractal and exponential in nature. The physical world of reality captures our attention and focus at every moment in this dimension. In our dream state, our consciousness is captured in the illusionary world of non physical fractal reality, co-created within the collective consciousness, to which we are all part of. Whether you believe you are the creator of your dreams, your physical reality, or not, in both cases you are correct. Just as we look at a single leaf, we can see it as part of the whole, yet it is distinguished within itself. You are pure consciousness, pure potential, unlimited expansive potential. Yet our consciousness is being captured by the tree of the collective, as the roots and branches of our societies collective consciousness drain and disorients our perspective, rendering us I'll prepared to embrace our own expansive nature. We know innately, that our potential is infinite, that our potentiality to grow and expand and become our own expression of this fractal reality exist, yet we find ourselves searching in the darkness to find an opening in the matrix. Consciousness is fractal in nature because it protects the third dimension from gates of chaos and nothingness. Consciousness for whatever reason has conquered the third dimension through the diffusion of pure light and thought, into quantum energy portals or otherwise packets of energy. chakras are simply quantum energy portals or packets of energy. The capitalistic tree is a quantum in itself and a energetic portal , yet separated into different quantum energetic packets within itself, further separated by the Ying Yang energies within each chakras, furthermore existing within the Vector Equilibrium. And the quantum of energy express themselves as torus fields that surround all in the physical universe.

The way of the fractal focuser is threefold. First fractal focusers can focus their consciousness to manifest their reality in the third dimension as they see fit, hence the physical world we live in today. Next fractal focusers can focus their consciousness to manifest their reality into a new branch of consciousness to create a whole new quantum of reality from the roots up, we see this manifest as world religions. Last, fractal focusers can focus their consciousness to manifest their reality by uniting and connecting to the collective consciousness from the branches and roots from whence they came from. And since we all come from the same roots and we are in fact all one… Then we can tap into a much larger Vector Equilibrium or quantum of energy and this can act a fader to help energize the quantum portals or chakras within the third dimension. What are you talking about???? You might be saying now. Ok.Ok. I got ahead of myself. Let me explain.
First let me explain what fractal thoughts are. Fractal thoughts means that when you focus on ONE thought just one… OVER and OVER and OVER you are fractaling that thought. One must focus on just ONE thought over and over. And when we do this, that fractal thoughts become more fundamental and more energetic. It has to do with repeating patterns. A fractal is a repeating pattern that is reduced in size when it is repeated and thus it becomes more energetic. Because fractals are more fundamental in nature, they are also more energetic as well! And if fractals of thoughts are more energetic as they are fractal down, then they also become more and more meaningful—or, in other words, more fundamental and more energetic. So, consciousness is not only fractal in nature but also exponential in nature. Fractal thoughts are even more energetic if they are expressed in imagery as you fractal them. Using words to fractal thoughts may have unintended consequences if the language is not fractaly perfect. Furthermore, because consciousness is fractal in nature, the tapestry of imagery is perfect as we can imagine it. I will expand on this later. So, what are these energetic portals, you might be asking? Chakras or, Divine Attributes in the cabalistic tree of life are highly energetic portals that we can focus our fractal thoughts through (just as E = mc2 ). What does Einstein’s theory have to do with it, you might ask? Well, think about it: think of the dialectical relationship from a mathematical point of view. You can change any of the three states and when you do, each will affect the others. Think of this in terms of a different version of the butterfly effect, meaning that if a butterfly flaps its wings in China, it still affects you, even despite your distance. If light is always a constant, then we only have two variables to play with: fractal thoughts or energetic portals. If you have less energy from the torus vector equilibrium, you will need more focused fractal thoughts, but if you have more energy from the torus vector equilibrium, then you can have more with fewer focused fractals. Really! Yes, this is the real deal. Think of people in love, for instance. They use the energetic portals of love and beauty to write songs, paint pictures, and write poems, drawing on the meaning that is produced through these portals. This is why throughout history people have used muses to inspire them. Martin Luther King, Jr., used the Portal of Justice to change the United States, manipulating high-energy focused thoughts to express himself in speeches like “I Have A Dream.” Well, Mr. King, your dream is coming true.
The gates of fear and chaos. Fear is simply chaos before order. Every time that we cross the Veil into higher energetic state of being, we must past through the chaos, that is experienced as fear by the fractal focuser in order to bring consciousness into the higher state of resonance. Once we cross the Veil from love and beauty in the physical world where our consciousness is captured and drawn in by the body and sensory mechanisms, we find ourselves yet once more captured by Daat or knowledge that we often experience this as, wisdom and understanding, or being in the now. Now the fractal focuser is in the Daat or the NOW, they are ready to enter into the next level. Yes! To the fourth dimension, into a higher energetic state of being.. The reason we must past through chaos before we enter the next resonance is because when an image or fractal focuser changers there form, from one vibration or resonance to the next, it must take on a new image of itself by letting go of the old, like a caterpillar, we must allow ourselves to dissolve into the nothingness or chaos that we may be then transformed into the butterfly. It is, in fact, the very leap of faith, that we all must take into the fourth dimension. This is why we find in the lost teaching of Jesus when he ascended to heaven, he was first disturbed, and then, he marveled.

Now, you would think, with this knowledge, we can all exponentially fractal our way to enlightenment. This may be true, but it would take an enormous effort on everyone’s part to accomplish, unless we are using some type of muse or traumatic event, which would be unrealistic for every person on the planet to have to go though. But this is not even necessary if you remember E=MC2 and the relationship among the variables. So, where are we going to find this energetic portal? As it is below, so it is above. If we in the world could unite in friendship and partnership, then we will open the energized Portals of Love and Beauty. World peace, you ask? No, there will never be world peace because we are all in a relationship with each other. Can you find complete peace with your wife or husband? Of course not! You are in a relationship! Can we simply be at peace with the universe? No, we are in a relationship with the universe. When the day comes that we realize that we need each other and we are all one and join hands in a true and meaningful relationship, we will then raise our consciousness together. But if we are unable to unite in friendship we could get a jump start into the next resonance. We could ask Israel to do the work for us. What! What does Israel have anything to do with this... Well it just so happens that Israel has in their possession a tool. It is unknown why or how they have this, but the fact is that the ancient Hebrew language might be the only perfectly fractaled language on earth, and because of this they can act as a conduit in lighting up the ChristTree in all of us. Really! Yes Really... What do you mean by a perfect fractaled language? Ok, I will try to explain. Consciousness is fractal in nature and we experience this by the imagery we co-create within the collective consciousness. And we assigned words to the tapestry within the fractal universe. The problem with assigning words arbitrarily is that the fractaled words may cascade on each other or even cancels each other out energetically. But the ancient Hebrew language is fractaly perfect, and energetic words co-create in perfect harmony. Hence Ancient Hebrew is not only sacred but magical as well, (abracadabra) from Hebrew, Adabra na.
Most amazing paper ever
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12/03/2012 10:16 PM
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Re: The way of the fractal focuser: Inquiries into the fourth dimension, infinity and beyond...
Thank you