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Message Subject Why are people so shallow, materialistic and cruel to one another?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I live in an affluent area and my children go to a private school that costs about $10,000 a year. And I have 3 kids attending. You should see the cunt whore mothers at this school. In a collapsed scenario I could only pray they get raped to death. Worse than any breed of human.

My wife and I are hippied out a little bit. Not materialistic at all. We chose the school because public school is not an option and this is the only alternative except home school which we also do. Some of the moms at this place are horrible. Their kids are all screwed up in the head. One lady won't even let her 5 year old child touch her because it might screw up her wardrobe. Another left her child in the school office all day with bad pink eye because it was her "spa day". Bitchez should be shot. I told one of them she was fucked up in the head and she went off on a venemous spat at the top of her lungs. Keep in mind this is a religious school.

They look down at me and my wife because I wear surf gear and could give a fuck but little do they know my fam is worth more in a day than they'll make in a lifetime.

At the end of last year as a slap in all their faces I made a $100,000 donation to the school and i let it be known. This year all those bitches have seriously been trying to sleep with me and all started dressing down like us.

Moral of the story, people for the most part are broken. This world needs to be reset and idiots taught a serious lesson. I don't hope for world doom but we could really use it. I'd love to see those pieces of shit digging in a trash can. I'd probably clip them with my truck and send them flying.
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